Respond to manufacturing challenges presented by the Volvo Group

Respond to manufacturing challenges presented by the Volvo Group & learn more about EIT Manufacturing’s Call process – an event for the Norwegian eco-system

Key details of the event: 

  • When: February 10th 2022, 10am- 11:30 am 
  • What: An event for the Norwegian eco-system outlining how it could respond to industrial challenges for EIT Manufacturing’s Call 2023, and specifically the ones from Volvo Group. 
  • Where: The event is fully digital. Register in advance for this meeting.
  • Who: We invite members of the Norwegian innovation ecosystem: research organisations, academia, startups and SME’s to take part if they think they would be relevant for project proposals in Call 2023 and would like to learn more. 

Currently, EIT Manufacturing’s member Volvo Group is looking to build consortia of around 3-6 actors for proposed projects to solve some key industrial challenges.  

Below are two highlighted challenges from Volvo Group:

  • Automatic assembly of wired harnesses in vehicles. Develop and design guidelines to enable automatic installation of wiring for the whole process from idea to manufacturing. In the development of these guidelines, it would be desirable to involve for example, robot suppliers, suppliers of wired harnesses and suppliers of clips and connectors. 
  • Automatic removal of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Destruction of organic solvents generated in paint application processes, possibly using Electron Beam-systems. The aim is to create a better work environment and to reduce hazardous emissions. 

We warmly invite actors from the Norwegian innovation eco-system to see how they can contribute to solving these challenges and participate in the coming Call process. (Please forward to other relevant parties.)

During the event, EIT Manufacturing Co-Location North will give a short introduction on how we work and introduce the Call Process 2023, and the Volvo Group will present their Call Challenges. We will open up for discussion on ideas and how to get involved. 

 Please also see EIT Manufacturing’s website for more details about the Call process: