Advanced engineering & Elektronikmässan 2023

Advanced engineering & Elekronikmässan 2023

EIT Manufacturing will be taking part in Advanced Engineering & Elektronikmässan in Gothenburg!

Ways you can engage:

– Visit our booth at Skills and talent area, talk to the team of EIT Manufacturing and meet a number of selected startups from our network;

– Access the information about EIT Manufacturing and the startups you can meet at our virtual booth. 

– Participate in speakers programme on April, 20th at 14:00 where EIT Manufacturing will be presenting on the topic of “How to use European collaboration to build strong skills and talent”   

– Explore the event area, learn about the latest trends and innovations as well as to network with industry experts and potential partners.

Come say hello in our booth A24:B or join Pavel Kopylov, Education Developer at EIT Manufacturing, as he presents our solutions and explores how European collaboration can help organizations tackle their skills challenges on the main stage on April 20th.

Presentation on April 20th: “How to use European collaboration to build strong skills and talent

The manufacturing industry in Europe is facing a significant challenge: the skills gap. To keep up with the pace of innovation and achieve sustainable practices, it’s crucial to have employees with the right skills. However, no single company can solve this challenge alone. Collaboration and a broader perspective are essential. 

EIT Manufacturing represents more than 80 leading universities, research institutions, and industry partners committed to advancing manufacturing innovation in Europe. We have developed a range of training and education programs tailored to meet the current needs of the industry and equip organizations for a green and digital future. Our programs help bridge the skills gap, ensuring that the workforce is equipped with the skills required for the future of manufacturing.