EIT Manufacturing returns to Advanced Factories

For fourth year in a row, EIT Manufacturing has become strategic partner of Advanced Factories, the leading showcase for the latest solutions on industrial automation systems, robotics, industrial software, artificial intelligence, artificial vision and virtual simulation solutions, Big Data, Iot, cybersecurity, Industrial Cloud Computing, Maching Learning and all technologies 4.0 associated with digital manufacturing.

From April 9 to 11, attendees will be able to explore the latest advances and cutting-edge technologies in Barcelona (Spain). During the event, EIT Manufacturing will be actively involved in  Industry 4.0 Congress, the largest European Congress on advanced and digital industry.

April 9, Tuesday

“Enhancing female talent in the STEM universe” 13:00h-14:00h at Auditorium MINSAIT

In this round table, Cristina Oyón, Director of Technology, Innovation, and Sustainability at SPRI Group (Basque Business Development Agency), will share her insights on the study “Impact of Women in Industrial Competitiveness” conducted by SPRI in collaboration with EIT Manufacturing. Oyón leads the Women in Manufacturing expert group of the World Manufacturing Foundation, established in 2020 with the aim of driving initiatives to close the gender gap in the industry.

April 10, Wednesday

“The impact of the AI in the European industry: Policies and support for innovation” – 11:30h-12:15h at Main Auditorium FANUC

This session will explore in detail the Artificial Intelligence Act, an innovative and pioneering legislation that the European Union is implementing to regulate the use of Artificial Intelligence with a focus on industrial sector. Additionally, Antoni Pijoan, Managing Director of EIT Manufacturing West, will present the different possibilities offered by EIT Manufacturing in the field of AI.

“Transforming Industries: Innovation for Net Zero” – 13:00h-14:00h at Auditorium MINSAIT

EIT Manufacturing partners will analyse the role and contribution of innovation in achieving the goal of zero emissions in the industry. Through successful case studies, it will provide a comprehensive overview of initiatives driving the transition to a more sustainable industry and address key challenges in technology development and implementation. This session will be moderated by Blanca Chocarro, EIT Community Program Manager at EIT Manufacturing, and will feature the following experts:

  • Aitor Lasaosa, Researcher, Ceit
  • Carlos Méndez, Chief Sales Officer, Aritex
  • Luis Romeral, Associate Professor, UPC
  • Mikel Llona, CEO, Birziplastik

In addition, Aritex and Tecnalia, partners of EIT Manufacturing, will present the MOLDAM innovation project which aims to develop a production system for hybrid manufacturing of molds for large composite parts in the main industrial sectors. Key achievements include mold fabrication and integrating software. The collaborative project also had positive societal impacts, such as boosting competitiveness, promoting sustainability, and providing training opportunities.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with industry leaders, explore groundbreaking technologies, and drive innovation forward!

This activity is part of the Technology and Innovation Platforms grant PTR2022-001292, funded by MCIN/ AEI/10.13039/501100011033/.