The AI-MATTERS European project aims to create a network of physical and digital technological infrastructures for the experimentation and application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in Industrial Production. The project aims to strengthen the capacity of European industry to develop and adopt AI technologies through the network of infrastructures and to which the European innovation ecosystem can turn to test and validate the value of the developing solutions as well as overall to increase the competitiveness but also the social and environmental sustainability of Industry.

The project involves 25 partners from France, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, the Czech Republic and Greece. The project is extremely important for Europe and for Greece as it is the flagship of the European Commission in relation to Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Production.

Greece is represented in the AI-MATTERS project by 2 organizations (Coordinator Professor G. Chrysolouris),


The purpose of the event is:

  • To present the infrastructures and services of the Laboratory and the Competence Center that will be available for testing and developing Artificial Intelligence technologies by companies active in Industrial Production.
  • To explain how to participate in this process through the AI-MATTERS project and the support of EIT Manufacturing.


The event will be held online and is by invitation only.