An Introduction
to the AIGEDA Project

Learn about AIGEDA: Skills Development in AI-Driven Generative Development and Design Automation

The rise of AI in product development is catching engineers off guard, leaving them unable to take full advantage of these capabilities and opportunities.
Want to dive deeper into the exciting world of generative engineering and learn firsthand how AI is shaping the future of product development and innovation? This is your chance!

We are excited to invite you to an insightful webinar where we will share our project: Skills Development in AI-Driven Generative Development and Design Automation. Our Goal: A comprehensive skills development program for industry professionals that provides the necessary skills related to AI-driven generative engineering and design automation.

Learn how our skills development program will empower professionals, students and managers with generative engineering and design automation to drive innovation and improve product development.

Join the informative webinar next 22nd of September on Agora

We cordially invite you to consume our developed learning content already now. Help us to adapt the content even better to the needs of the industry. You will get all further information in our webinar.