Zukunftsnavigator #14

The concept of automation is not new, but dates back centuries. Its context and characteristics have constantly evolved, nowadays into in the field of Industry 4.0. Yet, the principle has remained the same: Processes should run (partially) autonomously, without human intervention.

Today, automation technology is mainly based on electronics and IT. Hardware solutions from areas such as robotics and sensor technology as well as data- and software-supported technologies such as the digital twin or AI-based process optimisation come into play. They enable flexible, intelligent and partially or fully autonomous production, not necessarily for mass production, but even for individual product requirements.

In this event, we turn our attention to production logistics. You will learn about application examples of various technologies

  • from automation and value stream management in the production and logistics proces
  • from process optimisation in order picking
  • from communication and tracking
  • from intelligent workflow management
  • from smart production management in factories.

You will learn which advantages can be realised and how the implementation of these solutions can increase your productivity and agility or contribute to cost reduction, quality improvement or to making people’s work easier.

Sneak peak into the agenda:

  • Keynote from Martin May, Director Innovation Center Schunk GmbH & Co. KG, on the connection of data and collaboration with start-ups as seen in Schunk GmbH & Co. KG
  • Presentations by eight start-ups with a track record of implemented solutions – see this page for detail.

About Zukunftsnavigator

The event series Zukunftsnavigator takes up important topics from the realm of digital transformation. Start-ups, universities as well as companies present best practive cases and solutions which inspire the audience to take new perspectives.

Zukunftsnavigator #14 is organised by BadenCampus, EIT Manufacturing Central and Black Forest Innovation, hosted by Technologie Park Offenburg and supported by DigiHUB Südbaden and EDIH Südwest.

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