Conference on Internationalization of R+D+I

Opportunitites for SMEs through cascade financing

Language of the event: Spanish

On June 14th, a conference will be held on Bilbao where experts will educate Basque small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups about the Cascade Financing mechanism initiated by the European Commission. Cascade Financing is designed to allocate public funds with the purpose of supporting SMEs and start-ups in their integration and advancement of technological innovations.

The conference primarily aims to raise awareness among Basque SMEs about the Cascade Financing mechanisms and methodologies. It will provide early information about upcoming calls in which Basque entities can participate, which are scheduled to be launched in the following semester. Additionally, the conference will feature success stories from Basque SMEs, provide detailed information about the support services offered by the Enterprise Europe Network, and offer an opportunity to ask questions and seek clarification.

At 11:30, Soraya Bravo, Project Manager at EIT Manufacturing West, will present SURE 5.0, a program ther supports the transition of SMEs towards industry 5.0.

Following the information session, interested parties have the option to request individual meetings with project managers responsible for the cascade financing projects. To express interest in any of the calls, participants are required to fill out the registration form and indicate the specific call they are interested in before June 12, by sending an email to

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