Corporate Reverse Pitch @ aws Connect Day 2022

On 31 May 2022, during “Connect Day 2022” – the main matchmaking event of ViennaUP’22 for Start-ups, Corporates/SMEs and Investors – selected corporates will introduce themselves and their current AI & manufacturing challenges will be shared with the audience with a call for action to European start-ups and scale-ups.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is considered a critical enabling technology in the manufacturing sector that digitalizes and integrates processes vertically across the entire organization, from product development and purchasing through manufacturing and logistics. In horizontal integration, AI applications stretch beyond internal operations from suppliers to customers and all key value chain partners.

However, finding the right partners to deploy innovative AI technologies often turns out to be a challenge for most manufacturing companies, and that is why EIT Manufacturing CLC East is teaming up with Austria Wirtschaftsservice (AWS) to organize “Connect Day 2022” – the main matchmaking event of ViennaUP’22 for Startups, Corporates/SMEs and Investors.

During “Connect Day 2022”, EIT Manufacturing and AWS will host a “Corporate Reverse Pitches” panel, where corporates will pitch their AI-related innovation challenge. The goal of the pitches is to engage the European startup ecosystem and to incentivize startups, working in the AI domain, to address the challenges of the corporates.

The event will be held entirely in English and it with take place in a hybrid format. The in-person event will be taking place at Palais Berg, Schwarzenbergplatz 3, 1010 Vienna, Austria, and it will also be streamed online on the website of “Connect Day 2022”.

The panel will be opened by the Managing Director of EIT Manufacturing CLC East, Mr Johannes Hunschofsky, and the Program Manager of the AWS AI-Marketplace, Ms Jasmin Moradzadeh.

The following corporates will pitch at the session:

1. Engel, presented by Mr Werner Buchbauer, VP Global Logistics Management
2. Infineon – presented by Mr Markus Kleinfercher, Innovation Project Manager
3. KTM Innovation, presented by Mr Anton Seidler, Senior Tech Scout
4. Merkur Versicherung AG, presented by Mr Dusan Urban, Head of Innovation & Strategy
5. Voestalpine AG, presented by Ms Josephine Müller, Project/Program Manager Circular Economy

Join us in this exciting “Corporate Reverse Pitches” panel and seize the opportunity to discover and learn more about the most pressing AI challenges that manufacturing companies are working on!