Data Bites: Insights into Industrial Data Science

The Webinar in a Nutshell:

Industrial Data Science is the strategic integration of data science methodologies within industrial processes, aimed at unlocking operational insights, streamlining production, and facilitating informed decision-making. By leveraging advanced analytics, machine learning, and predictive modeling, this discipline enables industries to harness the potential of data generated by sensors, machines, and production lines.

In sectors ranging from manufacturing to energy, Industrial Data Science empowers organisations to not only optimise efficiency but also enhance product quality, reduce downtime through predictive maintenance, and identify opportunities for process improvement.

Tap into the hidden potential of your industrial operations by harnessing the power of data! This comprehensive webinar will give you insights into the growing field of data science, its practice, and methods. It will give actionable advice on data mining, as well as the utilisation of sensor and text data through artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithmsy and innovation.

  • The event will be held in English language.
  • This introductory online event is open to all and free of charge!
  • Q&A

About our Expert Trainer:

Linus Kohl has been a research associate at the Institute of Management Science at TU Wien, and Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH in the business unit Factory Planning and Production Management since September 2019. At Fraunhofer Austria, Linus Kohl heads the group for Production Optimisation and Maintenance Management. Mr. Kohl studied Mechanical Engineering and Management at TU Wien. His work focuses on the field of data-driven maintenance and use of AI-enhanced assistance systems in production.

What is Data Bites?

Latest technology insights, industry knowledge, and interesting information broken down into chewable and easily digestible Data Bites. EIT Manufacturing East brings the experts and the discussion right to your table. Make the most of your lunch break and join us. We are looking forward to welcoming you on our virtual lunch table!