Data Bites: Leadership in Turbulent times

The Webinar in a Nutshell:

Companies face the constant challenge of reconciling short-term success with long-term survival by adopting an ambidextrous approach that strikes an optimal balance between them. This approach depends on the coexistence of two essential forces of development: the logic of exploitation (i.e., focused on incremental development; adaptation; and incremental innovation) and the logic of exploration (i.e., focused on radical renewal; flexibility; and radical innovation). However, these two logics are often at odds with each other, creating significant challenges for companies and their leaders.
In this webinar, Dr. Güttel will demonstrate how companies can deal with these tensions in a functional way in order to be able to combine the profitability of the core business with the ability to innovate in the new business under different market conditions. The webinar will also illustrate the development process of radical innovations, which can significantly change the company’s development path. Finally, he will discuss the role of executives and how they and their teams can master the balancing act between core business and innovation to gain and sustain competitive advantage.

  • The event will be held in English language.
  • This introductory online event is open to all and free of charge!
  • Q&A

About our Expert Trainer:

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Güttel is Full Professor for Leadership & Strategy at TU Wien and Dean of the TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education. He has held research and teaching positions at various Austrian and international universities, including King’s College London, JKU Linz and WU Vienna. His research focuses on leading strategic change. Prior to his academic career, he worked as a management consultant and uses this experience to support executives in developing their leadership skills and organizations.


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