Data Bites: Quality Management & Leadership Academy Training Information

The Webinar in a Nutshell:

The Quality Manager oversees the manufacturing process and ensures that all products/services meet industry standards. They conduct inspections, identify issues, and supervise production to maintain consistent quality. This role requires attention to detail, product knowledge, and the ability to train staff and maintain good customer relationships.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The basic principles and advantages of the Quality Management System
  • The importance of the process approach
  • Preventive action and corrective action in the process of continuous improvement in the organisation
  • How to solve problems with the help of basic quality tools, and acquire other necessary knowledge for effective establishment
  • Maintenance and improvement of the Quality Management System.

The webinar covers the necessary knowledge and modern approaches for successful as well as effective management of Quality Management System in a constantly changing digital age.

The webinar also will introduce available training courses on the subject.

About the Webinar:

  • The event will be held in English language.
  • This introductory online event is open to all and free of charge!
  • Q&A

About our Expert Trainer:

Anton Petrič, Master’s degree in organisation, has over 30 years of management experience in the automotive industry, starting at Trimo Trebnje and currently working as the director of the Common Affairs sector at TPV Automotive. He specializes in introducing and maintaining management systems, mentoring, and staff training. Anton is an experienced auditor of management systems and a licensed European assessor for business excellence. He has worked on several business and organizational projects and played a significant role in developing quality and innovation in the region as the president of the GZDBK for Quality and Excellence. He is also a regular speaker at professional conferences and leads the quality school at the Slovenian Institute for Quality and Metrology.

SIQ Slovenia

SIQ (Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology) is a professional, independent, and impartial institution offering comprehensive solutions in product testing, certification, management systems assessment, metrology, and training. Our services cover a wide range of activities, including product testing, certification, metrology, and management system assessment and certification. We also provide seminars and training programs.


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