Join us in Athens on 5 October to learn about EIT Manufacturing RIS activities and the role the RIS Hubs play in enhancing the innovation capacities of their countries.

Unfamiliar with the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS)? Click the link for more detail.

The conference will showcase the implementation of Deep Tech in relation to the knowledge triangle, showing the education and training needs and initiatives for developing Deep Tech talents and the successful implementation of Deep Tech in small and mid-sized companies (SMEs) and start-ups.

The second part will focus on the presentation of how EIT Manufacturing supports Deep Tech initiatives, with a demonstration of success stories and presentations from organisations collaborating with the EIT Manufacturing and in relation to the work of EIT Manufacturing RIS Hubs.

The event will bring together stakeholders from RIS eligible countries and regions, but also from other EU member states, coming -indicatively- from national and regional authorities, EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities as well as their members and partners, RIS Hubs, universities and SMEs, with an interest in Deep Tech.

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Through the EIT RIS, one of our highest priority objectives is to boost innovation across the whole of Europe, by strengthening connections among key innovation actors, and as a result, contribute towards addressing the persisting regional disparities in innovation performance in Europe.

The primary role of the RIS Hub is to ensure the visibility of the EIT Community and raise awareness of activities and cooperation opportunities for local actors representing education, business and research areas. RIS Hubs also liaise with the relevant national, regional and local authorities, and facilitate the sharing of EIT Innovation Community expertise with them.