Global crises and supply chain disruptions: Chipset shortage and impacts on industries

The European manufacturing industry is facing several challenges due to global and unexpected crises, in particular the semiconductor shortage that has been ongoing for the past two years. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic kickstarted the chip shortage, and its longreaching effects in more than 170 industries (e.g. automotive). The crisis has led to major price increases, shortages queues and scalping among consumers for automobiles, graphics cards, computers, and other products that require semiconductors.

For this reason, in the context of the overarching WMF 2022 theme, namely “Redesigning Supply Chains in the New Era of Manufacturing” EIT Manufacturing South will address these issues in the semiconductor industry and causing the current chipset shortage, with a view to redesign the corresponding supply chain in a dedicated parallel session on 25 November from 14:30 to 16:30 CET entitled “Global crises and supply chain disruptions: Chipset shortage and impacts on industries”.

Key topics of the discussions within this session will be:

  • Improvement of Europe’s sovereignty regarding critical resources for manufacturing
  • Creation of new production facilities in Europe that address the shortages identified
  • Development of a 100% European semiconductor production line
  • Semiconductor production based on reuse or remanufacturing of existing components