Elevate your proposal: Expert tips for EU funding success_Ideas in motion

Elevate Your Proposal: Expert Tips for EU Funding Success

The 2h webinar with EIT Manufacturing and Ideas in Motion provides a comprehensive exploration of immediately applicable insights and expert guidance for crafting a high-quality European cooperative proposal, taking into account the perspectives of reviewers.

Successfully preparing and submitting an international proposal requires substantial time and precise planning. Practical tips will be provided, spanning from the planning of the proposal and the formation of the consortium to the consideration of European strategies.

The session will also address the anticipation of broader and specific impacts to facilitate the creation of a well-structured proposal. Production-relevant topics, such as IP strategy, privacy, robustness of data models, data sharing, and alignment with sustainable development goals (SDGs), will be discussed. The training concludes with an open question session, allowing participants to seek clarification on individual queries.

For more information, prices and registration, please go to Elevate Your Proposal: Expert Tips for EU Funding Success

Optional individual consulting sessions available

Additional 30min or 60min one-on-one sessions can be booked in order to elaborate on specific inquiries and individual questions that might be too sensible for the webinar. These optional one-on-one sessions can be booked in combination with the webinar or separately without attending the webinar.

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Quick facts

  • Scope: 2h-webinar on EU funding (additional one-on-one sessions available for booking)
  • Level: All
  • Format: Online
  • Date: 28 February 2024, 10:00-12:00 CET
  • Certification: Certificate of Attendance

About the lecturer

Sabine Seidl is a funding and innovation expert with +30 years of experience. Founder of Ideas in Motion Management, Sabine specialises in project development, implementation, business plans, and international project management, particularly in industrial technologies. For more about her work and Ideas in Motion, go to: ideasinmotion.at.