Conference on Sustainability at EMAF 2023

Attend our conference on Sustainability at EMAF 2023 on June 2nd

EMAF is the largest Portuguese event in the industrial sector, and is returning to renew its focus on the internationalization of technologies, industry innovation and specialized technical knowledge. For four days, EMAF will address the latest challenges of Industry 4.0, promote networking, brainstorming and business.

In this year’s edition, EIT Manufacturing will participate in a roundtable discussion where participants will share their ideas on how to achieve a more sustainable industry. The discussion panel titled “Intelligent production: more efficiency, less resources” will take place within Produtech’s Forum, on June 2nd from 09:30 to 10:20.

Experts in the field will share their insights on best practices and innovative strategies for reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable production methods. The roundtable will feature the following speakers:

  • Sérgio Albergaria, from Sonae
  • Jorge Serrano Pinto, from Softi9
  • Irina Galiñanes Romero, from CTAG
  • António Baptista, from INESC TEC / INEGI

The panel will be moderated by Vasco Teles, from INESC TEC, who is also in charge of EIT Manufacturing’s Hub in Portugal.

Check out the complete agenda here!

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