ERAT 2023: Robotics & Automation – Innovation for a sustainable industry

Join us at this year’s ERAT 2023 for some exciting European Robotics & Automation talks and embark on a journey into the latest innovations for a sustainable industry!

Based on a collaboration between The Association of Automation Technologies Styria and GMAR a groundbreaking conference has been established – The European Robotics and Automation Talks – focusing on the latest trends in Automation and Robotics.

The upcoming ERAT event offers more than just the opportunity to discover cutting-edge European solutions. The main objective is to facilitate connections among producers, users, developers, and system integrators from Austria and various European countries.

Approximately 120 participants are expected to attend this year’s ERAT representing diverse sectors of industry and academia and hailing from countries such as Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany.

Come and join us by registering now to get your entry ticket!

Members of AT Styria & GMAR: 50% discount on tickets.


Early Bird:110,00 € + VAT & applicaple fees

Regular: 150,00 € + VAT & applicaple fees

Student: 44,00 € + VAT & applicaple fees