ETV as a tool for accelerating innovations for sustainable industrial processes

Let’s talk about ETV as a tool for accelerating innovations for sustainable industrial processes!

Join the webinar to learn more about the ETV tool and its utility as a policy support tool facilitating integration of new environmental technologies to make industrial processes more sustainable in line with the objectives of the on-going revision of the Industrial Emission Directive and the Zero Pollution Action Plan.

EIT Manufacturing is co-hosting the webinar organized by the LIFEproETV programme dedicated to the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV).
The goal of this webinar is:

  • Raise awareness about ETV among national policy makers as a tool to accelerate innovations for sustainable industrial processes.
  • Discuss with policy makers and industries how to mainstream ETV in the Industrial Emission Directive as well as EU, national/regional environment and climate related policies and regulations supporting Zero Pollution Action Plan taking into account the potential of ETV to:
    – Deliver quality assured data on the performance of innovative environmental technologies to trigger BREFs;
    – Facilitate development and testing of Emerging Techniques using a robust and ISO standardized approach.
  • Discuss the opportunities and pathways enabling recognition of ETV verified technologies in BAT conclusions as Best Available Techniques or Emerging Techniques.
  • Discuss the implications for the EU ETV Programme resulting from linking the ETV scheme as a policy support for IED and the Zero Pollution Action Plan.