CLC South at Resilient Factory Event for the Abruzzo Region

Under the umbrella of EU Industry Weeks, a wider framing of EU Industry Days, on 30 March, EIT Manufacturing CLC South will participate to the local event for the Italian Abruzzo region.

EIT Manufacturing CLC South Business Creation Manager, Gianluca GRIFI will make part of the roundtable discussion on the topic of Resilient Industry.  His intervention will present the opportunities within EIT Manufacturing for achieving the operational resilience as it is one of the top priority for the manufacturing following the pandemic.

The involvement of CLC South in this Open Innovation event, where industries, startups and institutions meet to reflect on the changes caused by  the climate crisis and the pandemic, proves the importance of exchanging experiences useful for the development of local ecosystem.

The full event will be held in Italian.

To follow the event on the day, click here.