What does the future hold for Europe’s manufacturing industry landscape? Join us for European Manufacturing Conference in Brussels on 24 and 25 September 2024 alongside key manufacturing players to address the pressing challenges faced by the European industry and society today and tomorrow.

Over 350 participants are expected at Event Lounge to engage with policymakers, industry representatives, as well as academia, RTOs, startups, scaleups, and innovators at the European Manufacturing Conference this year. European Manufacturing Conference is co-organised by EFFRA, EIT Manufacturing, and ManuFuture.

Why participate?

Networking: Meet and connect with key players and stakeholders in the industry.

Expo: Learn more about the latest initiatives and programmes these three manufacturing players are involved in.

Insights: Gain valuable insights into innovative manufacturing technologies and trends through panel sessions, fireside chats, and keynote speeches.

Key topics on the table

Throughout the conference, the program will tackle several topics, aiming to meet the needs and interests of the manufacturing ecosystem:

  • How can businesses respond to geopolitical shifts to advance their manufacturing strategies?
  • What innovative technologies and strategies are being employed to achieve net-zero emissions in manufacturing?
  • What are the potential benefits and challenges of expanding manufacturing operations beyond European borders, and how can cross-border collaborations drive growth and resilience?
  • What opportunities does the entrepreneurial ecosystem offer in the European manufacturing landscape?
  • How can manufacturing organisations anticipate and prepare for future industry trends and disruptions?

Registration process

Please note that EMC 2024 is paid entrance event:

  1. As a first step, you are kindly invited to register for the conference.
  2. Your profile will be validated by the organisers and once approved, the payment of the conference fee will be enabled. Please note that if you are an EIT Manufacturing partner or an EFFRA member, you are entitled to up to 3 free tickets.
    Starting with the 4th participant, a half-price discount on the total ticket amount will be applied.
  3. After the validation, a payment link will be shared with you for the payment finalisation.
  4. Once the payment has been made, your profile will be activated and you will be able to select the sessions of your interest.

The full conference fee is 400 EUR​ per participant (except for EIT Manufacturing partners and EFFRA members).

The organisers