Global Industrie 2023

Global Industrie 2023

From the 7th to the 10th of March 2023, Global Industrie will become the biggest showcase for industrial innovation in France.

This edition’s priority will be to provide concrete answers to the contemporary challenges faced by industrial players, and will be a genuine vehicle for the ever more ingenious efforts of manufacturers to combat the crisis in Europe.

EIT Manufacturing will participate in the event in two instances, where we will dive into projects developing Artificial Intelligence Technologies, and the Deep Tech Talent Initiative:

EIT’s Deep Tech Talent Initiative: Securing the future of Europe’s competitiveness – On March 9th at 12:15, Javier Gónzalez, Education Developer at EIT Manufacturing West, will explain the Deep Tech Talent Innitiative launched by EIT, a pioneering program that will skill one million people within deep tech fields by 2025.

Applications and benefits of AI in the European industry: Driving collaborative projects – On March 10th at 14:30, in a roundtable discussion, hosted by EIT Manufacturing and moderated by Xavier Baillard, Innovation Manager at EIT Manufacturing, participants will discuss how different initiatives and collaborative projects help boost the development of AI technologies across Europe.

  • Daniel Krob, will dive into the SYDITIL project, supported by EIT Manufacturing, in which the participants developed a digital twin technology that allows to model & simulate industrial infrastructures enabling optimization during the initial stages and in real-time.
  • Ulysse Michon, CEO of Cognitive Engines, will present the successful collaboration with Exxelia, that resulted in the creation of a collaborative robotic workstation that can handle series of components in various sizes. Powered by cognitive AI, the workstation automatically adapts to the presentation of parts, ensuring efficient and effective operation

Global Industrie 2023 is the big event for concrete solutions, and at a time when the world is facing new challenges daily, they are committed to supporting manufacturers by offering a platform and being a stage to showcase their solutions. 

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