Synergies between EIT Manufacturing, the largest innovation community in manufacturing in Europe, and Global Robot Expo (GR-EX), one of the most innovative trade fair in industry 4.0, artificial intelligence and robotics returns, are clear.  Industry, automation, robotics and artificial intelligence are key areas of interest and EIT Manufacturing and GR-EX has become strategic partners to foster innovation in those fields.

GR-EX will take place in Madrid from November 30th to December 1st.  With a noticeable international scope, this edition will be reinforced by the celebration of its GR-EX World Congress, where industry’ leading experts share their knowledge and experiences. The following EIT Manufacturing experts will participate in this Congress:

30th November, 17:40H

Sandra Martinez de Lahidalga, Production Means & Robotics Manager at Tecnalia will present the MOLDAM project, “Flexible and hybrid robotic manufacturing of composite molds for large parts in all major industrial sectors” on the Main Stage. 


30th November, 16:30H

On the GR-EX Intelligence Stage, Adrian Bablok, Project Manager at EIT Manufacturing Central, will explain EIT Community Testbeds, controlled experimentation platforms, where solutions can be deployed and tested in an environment that replicates real-world conditions.


30th November, 17:00H

Masha Guermonprez, CX & Conversation design lead at SPIX-industry, will also be on the GR-EX Intelligence Stage. Come by and discover the K-Hub project in collaboration with EIT Manufacturing, that exploits the company’s voice assistant to search and access a company’s heterogeneous documentation by voice.

These are the five Business Areas:

  • GR-EX ROBOTICS: Exhibiting space for service robotics, non-industrial use robotics, autonomous and intelligent systems and robotic solutions for professional tasks.
  • GR-EX STARTUP SUMMIT: GR-EX Startup Summit is an inside-event dedicated to open innovation. Designed as a B2B platform in which to create new alliances between the best startups and large corporations in search of talent. The perfect showcase for the most innovative startups.
  • GR-EX INTELLIGENCE: An international congress, specific on technologies linked to artificial intelligence. Here you will find all the knowledge, tools and experience necessary to successfully transform your business through AI.
  • GR-EX AEROSPACE Area dedicated to newest technologies for both air and land mobility, directly linked to the aerospace industry. Technologies such as UTM / Urban Space, Security & Surveillance, Inspection & Monitoring, Geomatics, autonomous driving systems, and 5G, among others.
  • GR-EX INDUSTRY: The Factory of the Future, focused on innovations for industry 4.0, industrial digitization, automation, logistics and intralogistics.