Green Manufacturing Accelerator

The aim of the project is setting up an EITM Green Manufacturing Accelerator (GreenMA) that will help identifying and developing innovative green manufacturing solutions in Europe to help bringing the circular economy and Industry 5.0 vision into life, linked with the concept of impact investments.

GreenMA will address the key challenges for early-stage entrepreneurs related to know-how, financing and contacts with the EIT and wider manufacturing ecosystem.

In 2022, GreenMA will carry out 2 rounds of acceleration, both including a 3-month Instruction phase (intense mentoring and training) after which best-performing companies (ca 1/3) will receive in total 150 000 EUR financing and additional support in their Implementation phase (mentoring, twinning). After testing and validating the GreenMA concept, the next stage foresees, in addition to the dedicated acceleration programs, creating a dedicated impact investment fund in line with the principles of EITM financial sustainability.