Immersive Training Platform: WORKSHOP #2

Immersive Training Platform: WORKSHOP #2

Dear partners,

In the frame of EIT Manufacturing AR/VR European mapping initiative and the Cross-KIC Education Cluster for Europe’s future education on AR/VR training tools, we invite you to our

2nd WORKSHOP on the EIT Community “Immersive Training Platform”.

The Immersive Training Platform provides a recommendation tool that supports the adoption of immersive environments in education and training.

After a first workshop held in July 2022 that focused on presenting the platform’s goals and functionalities, this second workshop, of a series of three, will focus on the educational planning linked with the recommendation tool about AR/VR uses, set up by our experts and to be tested directly by the participants.

This event will gather the scientific experts developing the platform and the AR/VR community of professionals.

The workshop will take place on the 21st of September 2022 from 2:30pm to 3:45pm CEST on AGORA platform via the Skills and Jobs sphere.

Please make sure you register on AGORA with a professional e-mail adress to access the Skills and Jobs sphere where the workshop will be held!

The workshop registration form and programme are available here under.

The EIT Manufacturing Education Team!


Immersive training platform – WORKSHOP #2



Immersive Training Platform: WORKSHOP #2

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