Let’s accelerate green transformation!

As a partner of Impact Festival, EIT Manufacturing Central will be part of the event. Held from the 13th to the 14th of September in Frankfurt, the event aims to foster collaborations for sustainable innovation by connecting GreenTech start-ups & SMEs, corporate sustainability managers, and investors.

By supporting an open exchange of knowledge, and connecting key stakeholders, the goal is to accelerate the sustainable transformation of our economy.

This edition members of EIT Manufacturing’s network will participate in a panel titled “Towards Zero Transformation: A Utopia?” on September 14th. The participants will discuss sustainability in the manufacturing sector and the challenges of working towards the Net Zero transformation.

The following panelists will present three innovative projects that exemplify how to bring innovation and sustainability to the manufacturing industry:

  • Alfredo Neila – Plastic Repair System – Repair system for pallets in the logistics chain.
  • Jeroen van den Bosch – Unkwown Group – how to bring solutions from  startup innovation (e.g., chemical supply chain circular)
  • Miguel Angel Lagos – Tecnalia – highly efficient technology for advanced sintered components manufacturing.

Teresa Hernández, Innovation Manager at EIT Manufacturing West, will moderate the panel.

Check out the rest of the programme here!