Under the umbrella of the InnovEIT festival in Athens, Greece on 6 October 2022, EIT Manufacturing will bring together the key stakeholders of the biggest European Innovation Community to discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) and digital production together strengthen the competitiveness and improve the sustainability of the manufacturing sector in Europe. 

In the event “Digital Production & AI for Sustainability”, high-level stakeholders and experts will discuss how digital production and modern AI solutions can help European industry become more efficient and increase its competitiveness, while at the same time contribute to ensuring environmental and social sustainability. The event will offer insights from key stakeholders coming from the European Commission and national authorities, as well as from innovative corporates, innovators, and start-ups.  

Some of the key questions that will be answered in the sessions will be: 

  • What are the implications for the human workforce when companies implement AI?
  • How do data spaces and data quality affect the implementation of AI?
  • Which ethical questions need to be addressed when AI shall be implemented?
  • Which skill gaps does the European industry face in digital production and AI?

This event will be followed by the inauguration of the most recent innovation hub in the EIT Manufacturing ecosystem, the Athens-based EIT Manufacturing Co-Location Center South-East.

All this and a lot more will be the subject of discussion on 6 October!


The INNOVEIT Athens event will be followed by the Inauguration Event of the new EIT Manufacturing Co-Location Centre South-East. Both events will be held at Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center in Athens.

More details can be found in the preliminary conference agenda below.


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