EIT Manufacturing East to award the Green Manufacturing Award 2024

Junior Achievement Austria: Regional teams compete in the national finals for the Best Junior Company in Austria

Following the nation-wide competitions, Junior Achievement Austria (JA Austria) will host the national finals on 28 May 2024 in Vienna. Winning teams from all regional competitions will compete for the title of the Best Junior Company Austria 2024, as well as the chance to present their projects and represent Austria at the European competition “GEN-E 2024” from 2-4 July 2024 in Catania, Italy.

On the occasion, EIT Manufacturing will award the most sustainable solution with the Green Manufacturing Award 2024. More information about the JA Austria National Finals and the award by EIT Manufacturing will follow soon.

About the project

In the international Junior Company program, pupils between the ages of 15 and 19 set up real companies for the duration of a school year and offer products and services on the real market. The young people develop their own business idea independently and go through all the phases of a real business project, from brainstorming and team building to planning, production, marketing, sales and closing the deal, thus acquiring basic economic knowledge and social skills.

Supervised by their teachers and supported by the business experts, project participants work independently in a team and fulfill all entrepreneurial tasks themselves. There are virtually no limits to creativity, with the Junior Companies offering everything from simple services to patented products. By working independently, the young people learn about the challenges of the working world, acquire basic business knowledge and social skills that are important for their professional life.

At the Junior Achievement Austria national competition in Vienna, the jury will select the Best Junior Company in Austria among the winners of the regional competitions.

On the European level, the Junior Achievement network will celebrate the achievements of European students aged 15 and onwards at the Gen-E event, where thousands of young entrepreneurs will showcase their cutting-edge business ideas and will be competing for the titles of Best Company and Best Start-Up of the Year.

If you would like to know more about JA Austria, please go to: Junior Achievement Austria.

For questions related to collaboration between the EIT Manufacturing and JA Austria, please get in touch with Rosina Preis, Competence and Knowledge Manager for EU Projects at EIT Manufacturing East, via rosina.preis@eitmanufacturing.eu.