Engineering Summit in Berlin

Dr. Christian Bölling, Managing Director EIT Manufacturing Central, and Hannes Hunschofsky, Managing Director EIT Manufacturing East will attend this year’s Deutscher Maschinenbaugipfel (German Engineering Summit), scouting opportunites to make innovation happen in Europe.

They will man a booth in the exhibition area during breaks in the programme and look forward to interesting conversations.

Feel free to reach out to arrange a meeting!

About Deutscher Maschinenbaugipfel

*translated from the German original on the website of Deutscher Maschinenbaugipfel*

There is so much at stake: political upheavals that we could not and would not have imagined, the consequences of climate change, the unresolved question of energy supply in the future, Europe’s role in the geopolitical dilemma between the ally USA and China, the continuing high pressure of digitalisation. And right in the middle of it all is the mechanical and plant engineering industry, which as a technology enabler and the backbone of German industry must face all questions in equal measure.

The future is created together! The multitude of topics is too great for the individual, the fields of action for politics, business and society are visibly merging, and complexity is growing as a result. Deutscher Maschinenbaugipfel 2022 therefore offers Germany’s most important industrial sector orientation, strengthening of cohesion in the network and exchange with politics at the same time.

The organisers, the VDMA as Europe’s largest industrial network and ‘Produktion’ as the leading medium and opinion-forming trade journal, have done everything in their power to meet a high standard in organising this summit: Creating perspectives and future viability through joint action – that is the maxim of the Deutscher Maschinenbaugipfel 2022.

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