Zukunftsnavigator #16

Sustainability in industry is an important topic that concerns us all.

This is why we will look the use of sustainable technologies in production, presenting you concrete applications and possible scenarios We will also look at the ethical opportunities and challenges that may arise from the use of sustainable technologies.

The agenda will shortly be published on the registration page.

About Zukunftsnavigator

The event series Zukunftsnavigator takes up important topics from the realm of digital transformation. Start-ups, universities as well as companies present best practive cases and solutions which inspire the audience to take new perspectives.

Zukunftsnavigator #16 is organised by BadenCampus, Zukunft.Raum.Schwarzwald and EIT Manufacturing Central and hosted by Gewerbepark Breisgau. Supported by DigiHUB and EDIH Südwest.