Online Short Course: Sustainable, Social & Ethical Manufacturing

Online Short Course: Sustainable, social and ethical manufacturing

Online Course: Sustainable, Social & Ethical Manufacturing

The EITM Doctoral School Innovation Online Courses 2023 continues with the 5th course on “Sustainable, Social and Ethical Manufacturing”, delivered by one of our partner universities, Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto (FEUP) on 26 & 27 October (online).

The following topics will be delivered by experts in the course

•   Ethics, sustainability, and good vibes. Understanding the opportunities and responsibilities of being a purpose-driven organisation.
•   Ethics, sustainability, and good vibes – From words to action. Management of ethics in the organisation despite the daily life
•   Additive manufacturing as an eco-innovation tool
•   Inclusive Design for an aging population
•   Athlon Back Clinics
•   Inclusive Design for an aging workforce

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