People. Technology. Innovation.

At the European Manufacturing Conference 2022, policymakers and representatives from industry and society will discuss how people, technology and innovation shape the future of Europe.

The conference will focus on the future of manufacturing in Europe with speakers, panellists and participants diving into the challenges and opportunities at this critical point in time and exploring how public-private cooperation can help overcome them.

If you are interested in topics such as

  • Competitiveness
  • Resilience
  • Green and circular manufacturing
  • Material processing
  • Sectorial changes
  • Connectivity, Data, AI and 5G in manufacturing
  • Interrelations between national and European funding instruments
  • Jobs & skills,

don’t miss the opportunity to discuss relevant trends and network!

Discover how people, technology and innovation shape our future and register now!

About European Manufacturing Conference 2022

The European Manufacturing Conference is co-organised by the European Factories of the Future Association (EFFRA), EIT Manufacturing and ManuFuture. These three manufacturing actors share the common belief that cooperation is key to creating a favourable environment for tackling and ultimately solving the most pressing challenges of today’s industry.