San Sebastian EKINN Entrepreneurship Summit will be one of the key events of the 10th Innovation Week (WeekINN), organized by Fomento San Sebastián, from 27 to 30 November, 2023. This gathering, focused on innovative entrepreneurship, will provide a platform for connecting startups, entrepeneurs, companies, investors and entities. EKINN will be held on Wednesday, November 29 in Donostia-San Sebastian (Spain).

EIT Manufacturing West, based in this city of the North of Spain, is collaborating in the organization of this event as a key player and driver of the innovation and enterpreunership at local and regional level.

Collaborating entities in the presentation of the Donostia WeekINN.

Collaborating entities during the presentation of the Donostia WeekINN.

JavieJavier González, Business Creation Manager at EIT Manufacturing. r González, Business Creation Manager at EIT Manufacturing West, will participate in a roundtable discussion about ‘Talent as a competitive factor’, on November 29 from 12:45h to 13:30h, alongside with representatives from Linqcase and Batea Consultores. González will present the Deep Tech Talent Initiative, a pioneering programme led by EIT that will skill one million people within deep tech fields over the next three years and, Acelera Startups, a startup acceleration programme powered by EIT Manufacturing.

Other events during the week

A wide range of recreational, informative, and training activities will be offered to bring the reality of entrepreneurship to the new generations, including escape rooms, theater spaces, augmented reality workshops, eSports competitions, and informative talks. The week will conclude with the gala for the VIII Innovative Company Awards.

Figures of Donostia WeekInn 2022 edition

  • 380 activities
  • 33,000 participants
  • 7,500 students
  • 500+ collaborators

This activity is part of the Technology and Innovation Platforms grant PTR2022-001292, funded by MCIN/ AEI/10.13039/501100011033/.