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Strategic Competence and Talent Management Certificate Course

New Certificate Course with EIT Manufacturing: Strategic Competence & Talent Management!

This February, together with TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education and Transformation Management AG, EIT Manufacturing is hosting the Strategic Competence and Talent Management Certificate Course.

In an increasingly fast-moving world, companies have to contend with various external changes. Social change, technological innovations and economic fluctuations affect employers and employees alike and have consequences for both parties. But the world of work is also shaped by entrepreneurial changes inside the corporations.

For some companies talent management is a highly volatile and emotional issue. Other organizations consider talent management policies to be an overrated topic. Third parties, on the other hand, pursue an “ostrich strategy”: bury their heads in the sand and trust in the principle of hope: It won’t be so bad. Many opinions about talent management and yet all believes can lead to different outcomes. Ultimately, talent management is about “HR crisis management”. It is about how companies adjust to demographic developments, the lack of qualified junior staff, the increasing independence of important know-how carriers or the growing cost pressure.

In this compact programme, you will learn not only what strategic competency, talent, and succession management mean but also how to gain corporate success with the right talents. The focus will additionally be set on other relevant fields related to digital and economic purpose of individual business areas, such as how to identify the most useful digital formats that provide support or what must not be ignored when using IT & software in the process.

Quick Facts

  • Duration: 13 Online Sessions + Final Exam at the TU Wien
  • Language: English
  • Registration deadline: 29 February 2024
  • Programme start: 18 March 2024
  • Certification: Academic Talent and Succession Management Certificate

For more information & registration, please go to Strategic Competence and Talent Management Certificate Course