Sustainable Fashion Conference 2023

Shaping the future of fashion towards a sustainable industry

Language of the event: Spanish

The 10th Sustainable Fashion Conference, is an event organized by Slow Fashion Next, a platform that promotes sustainable and ethical practices in the fashion industry. This two-day event held in Madrid, aims to raise awareness about the environmental and social impact of the fashion industry and to provide a platform for professionals, experts, and enthusiasts to discuss and share knowledge about sustainable fashion.

During the conference, various topics will be discussed, such as eco-friendly materials, ethical production processes, fair trade practices, circular economy, and conscious consumerism. The event features keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities for participants to engage in meaningful conversations and exchange ideas. Among the speakers, will be Teresa Hernández, Innovation Manager at EIT Manufacturing West. The panel titled “Innovation in materials, processes and technologies” will be held on June 2nd from 12:45h to 13:30h.

You can check the complete program here.

My passion is innovation, I believe that innovation is the engine and the means to build a cleaner, fairer and more livable world. In the field of manufacturing, I believe that it is the enabling tool for sustainability and decarbonization.

Teresa Hernández, Innovation Manager at EIT Manufacturing West