The impact of hydrogen on the future of manufacturing

“Tuesdays from future” webinar series: The impact of hydrogen on the future of manufacturing

Recent strategic plans and results of working groups recognise the important role that the transport of hydrogen will play in enabling the penetration of renewable hydrogen in Europe.

What are infrastructure, production levels and legal barriers that are preventing widespread adoption?

To implement the European Hydrogen Strategy, is it important to understand whether the transport of hydrogen is cost effective, or whether hydrogen should be produced where it is used?

Have you wondered about Methodology for Determining the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Associated with the Production of Hydrogen!

The answer to all those questions on the last fruitful Tuesdays from Future webinar of the year, that  will take place on 22 November 2022,12.00-13.00 CET

We are pleased to have with us the following experts:

  • Aleksandrs Parfinovics Co-Founder at Naco Technologies, will talk about full spectrum from nano-coating solutions to the manufacturing of coated components for electrolyzers and fuel cells
  • Luigi Crema, Director, Centre Sustainable Energy – Fondazione Bruno Kessler – FBK, will give a policy perspective on the collaborations with Clean Hydrogen Alliance (CH2A) and Clean Hydrogen for Europe (CHE), IPCEI batteries and hydrogen, and national initiatives H2IT and Confindustria for example
  • George Nomikos from Helbio S.A. Hydrogen & Energy Production Systems, will give an industry perspective on hydrogen production systems from both renewable and conventional sources.

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