European Meeting on Scienece, Technology and Innovation

Transfiere is a professional and multisectoral forum for the transfer of knowledge, the improvement of competitiveness in the business sector and the generation of business and networking opportunities. Transfiere is a strategic event for Ecosystem Agents where they can establish new B2B contacts, network, find new partners, establish alliances and synergies, as well as publicize new products, services and innovative projects.

EIT Manufacturing West has been invited to participate in a cross-kic panel about “the challenge of the gender gap in the steam sectors” on February 16th at 17:35. Together with representatives from EIT Health, EIT Food and Raw Materials, the roundtable participants will discuss the state of gender balance across sectors and the vitality of driving innovative policies in the workplace. The roundtable will be moderated by Antoni Pijoan, Managing Director at EIT Manufacturing West, and the following are the panelists:

Maite del Castillo, Human Resources Director at Arteche. 

Sol Villar, Human Resources Director at Atlantic Copper.

María Eugenia Martín Hidalgo, CEO & Co Founder of ColorSensing.


You can check the programme preview here, and don’t forget to register!