WEBINAR: EIT Manufacturing ‘Call for Proposals 2023’ and other European cascade funding

EIT Manufacturing “Call for Proposals 2023” and other European cascade funding

[Event in French]

EIT Manufacturing and Creating Integrated Mechanical Systems CIMES devoted to mechanical engineering, organize this webinar to inform about the Call for Proposals 2023 and to share testimonials about ongoing projects, as well as to stimulate the participation in a highly innovative ecosystem with competitive and sustainable proposals.

If you are a solutions-focused innovator to manufacturing challenges, this webinar will interest you!

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  • General introduction on the CIMES Hebdo concept and the European cascading PAAs – CIMES
  • Presentation of the annual Call for Proposals 2023 EIT Manufacturing – EIT Manufacturing
  • Testimonials on current projects – Grenoble INP, Heverett
  • Presentation of other European cascade funding opportunities – CIMES
  • Q&A