WEBINAR: ‘EIT Manufacturing: Call for Proposals 2023’ (co-organized by AIN)

WEBINAR: Call for Proposals 2023

[Event in Spanish No need to be member of AIN]

EIT Manufacturing and the Navarra Industry Association (AIN) have organized this Webinar to present the ‘Call for Proposals 2023‘. This EIT Manufacturing annual call focuses on finding innovative solutions in one of the following areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital twins in manufacturing systems
  • Smart technologies for a circular and green industry
  • Collaborative robots and solutions to make manufacturing more flexible
  • Automation for people-centric factories

This call aim is to accelerate turning scientific advances into marketable innovations in manufacturing to help prepare the industry for a green, digital and competitive future that is socially and environmentally sustainable. Are you ready to participate? Register in this webinar and find out how to enrol!


  • Welcome and presentation – AIN
  • Introduction and value proposition – Antoni Pijoan, Managing Director EIT Manufacturing West; Gala Maturana, Business Creation Manager EIT Manufacturing West
  • Call for proposals 2023 – Oscar Iranzo-Martínez, Operations Officer EIT Manufacturing
  • Innovation activities – Teresa Hernández, Innovation Manager EIT Manufacturing West
  • Training activities – Javier González, Education Developer EIT Manufacturing Wes
  • Q&A