The opportunity to pitch is always a win – in more than one sense of the word. On pitch day for the “Pre-accelerator in Ukraine – powered by EIT Jumpstarter”, 16 Ukrainian teams had the opportunity to win, learn and to connect with each other.

Pitch day took place 9 March 2023 as an online competition which was open to everybody to attend. A jury of experts watched closely and decided who will win 7,500€ and 5,500€ and 3,500€ monetary prizes and will be supported by the network of the EIT Communities.

The 16 teams have been selected from more than 150 who applied to the “Pre-accelerator in Ukraine – powered by EIT Jumpstarter”, an EIT Manufacturing programme which supports Ukranian innovators to turn their ideas and discoveries into successful businesses. This programme is part of the RIS programmes EIT Manufacturing offers.

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Applications are open by 16 April 2023

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About the Pre-accelerator in Ukraine programme:

A 2020 report by the European Commission highlights the rapid development of a high technology sector in Ukraine, with pockets of scientific excellence reflecting the country’s successful contribution to scientific advancement over the past decades. The innovation potential of Ukraine and Ukrainians is immense and should be preserved and driven forward through programs supporting innovators and entrepreneurs, even though Ukrain is going through a very difficult political context. 

Thereby, a pre-accelerator programme providing Ukrainian researchers, students, idea holders and early-stage startups with entrepreneurial educational programs and access to finance was launched to support the sustainable reconstruction of the country, and potentially trigger a major technology and innovation leap.  This is where the idea to launch an EIT Manufacturing RIS programme the “Pre-accelerator in Ukraine – powered by EIT Jumpstarter” came from, in early September 2022.  

With the contribution of INESTEC and Tartu University, EIT Manufacturing RIS HUBs partners, high-potential early-stage teams got the opportunity to develop their business idea through online training, expert mentoring and subgranting. The methodology of the programme is based on the EIT Jumpstarter, an award-winning pre-accelerator brought to life by six Knowledge and Innovation Communities of the EIT in a project led by EIT Health.