A Discussion on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Greece

On October 19th and 24th, 2023, Mantis Beyond Innovation hosted an event in Kalamata and Patra respectively, called “Symposium of Entrepreneurship and Innovation”.  

The event was attended by a diverse group of stakeholders, including academia, banks, representatives from the Chamber of Commerce of Messinia, companies, and other KICs. Dr. Vivian Sophou, Business Creation Manager of EIT Manufacturing South East, (online presence) and was the representative of EIT Manufacturing South East at the event. 

Dr. Sophou began her presentation in the panel of “Open Discussion: European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) Funding Opportunities. Introduction to EIT Manufacturing South East and leveraging the opportunities for innovation, education, and mainly entrepreneurship” by providing an overview of EIT Manufacturing South East and its mission to boost innovation and entrepreneurship in the manufacturing sector in the South East Europe region. She then highlighted the various funding opportunities available to businesses and researchers through EIT Manufacturing South East, including: 

  • Innovation projects: EIT Manufacturing South East co-funds innovation projects that bring together businesses, universities, and research institutes to develop and commercialize new technologies and products. 
  • Startup mentoring: EIT Manufacturing South East supports the creation of new startups by providing funding via competitions, mentorship, and access to its network of partners. 
  • Education and training: EIT Manufacturing South East offers a variety of educational and training programs to help businesses and individuals upskilling and re-skilling. 

The Symposium of Entrepreneurship and Innovation was an excellent opportunity to connect with inspiring entrepreneurs and innovators from across the region. I was particularly impressed by the creativity and passion of the participants, and I am confident that many of them will go on to make significant contributions to the future of manufacturing. I was also grateful for the opportunity to share my own insights on how to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in the manufacturing sector. I believe that collaboration between academia, industry, and government is essential to creating a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, and I am committed to supporting initiatives that promote this collaboration.

Dr. Vivian Sophou, Business Creation Manager, EIT Manufacturing South East

Following Dr. Sophou’s presentation there was an open discussion, where participants shared their ideas and experiences on how to promote business and startups, how to find funding opportunities, how to connect academia with entrepreneurship and many more.  

The event was a success in bringing together various key stakeholders to discuss the opportunities and challenges of innovation and entrepreneurship. It also provided a valuable opportunity for businesses and researchers to learn more about the funding and support available to them through EIT Manufacturing South East.