EIT Manufacturing South and Invitalia join forces to drive innovation and growth in the manufacturing industry

Invitalia and EIT Manufacturing South recognise the importance of an operational collaboration for the promotion and exploitation of the opportunities offered by the incentives and for the support of the establishment and strengthening of manufacturing companies for the economic growth of Italy.

Milan, 14 April 2023. Under their Memorandum, EIT Manufacturing South and Invitalia join forces for promoting the opportunities offered by Invitalia’s incentives to support the development of entrepreneurship, with particular reference to innovative enterprises and those promoted by young people and women, as well as promoting the opportunities and initiatives of EIT Manufacturing, the largest innovation community in industry supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union. Furthermore, the two entities have decided to commence a series of measures aimed at disseminating information, promoting their initiatives, and providing support for entrepreneurs. These efforts will leverage the resources and services available through both organisations’ networks.

The partnership will also provide opportunities for companies and organisations in the manufacturing sector to connect and collaborate with other industry players.

Providing support for businesses looking to innovate and grow

The partnership will leverage the strengths of both organisations to support the growth of manufacturing companies, startups, and SMEs in Italy and across Europe. The collaboration will focus on creating new opportunities for innovation, building new networks of expertise, and promoting initiatives born within the Invitalia Startup System.

EIT Manufacturing South and Invitalia plan to organise joint events and workshops, launch Open Innovation actions, create join policy co-design initiatives, and promote each other’s activities and services.

The partnership will also provide access to EIT Manufacturing’s extensive network of partners, which includes leading universities, research institutions, and industrial companies.

“This strategic partnership is an exciting opportunity for EIT Manufacturing South to strengthen its presence in Italy and contribute to enhance the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry in the country” said Gian Mario Maggio, Managing Director of EIT Manufacturing CLC South. “We are thrilled to partner up with Invitalia and look forward to working together to drive innovation, promote entrepreneurship, and create new opportunities for growth in the manufacturing sector.”

For Invitalia, this is the first strategic alliance at the European level following the logic of productive
chains, which, with a window on community opportunities and an interdisciplinary community, adds an important piece to the Invitalia Startup System, the institutional innovation network created by the
Agency to network companies, territories, and innovation stakeholders. Invitalia makes its portfolio of
incentives and services available and facilitates the meeting between public facilitated finance and
private capital.

The new partnership between EIT Manufacturing CLC South and Invitalia marks a significant step
forward in the drive to promote innovation and growth in the manufacturing industry. By bringing
together the expertise and resources of two leading organisations, the partnership will help to drive
positive change and create new opportunities for companies, with a special focus on startups and
organisations in the sector.








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