Ramping up with EIT Jumpstarter 2023

EIT Manufacturing supports early-stage innovators selected in the EIT Jumpstarter 2023, a pre-accelerator programme dedicated to supporting early-stage innovators, by upskilling their expertise in artificial intelligence and Metaverse applications.

As 2023 is the European year of skills, the Regional Innovation Scheme team of EIT Manufacturing designed a special activity for the innovators of the EIT Jumpstarter programme: “Community & Traction Challenge – Social Media and the Value of the Metaverse for early-stage innovators in Manufacturing”.  

Combination of learning and implementation 

The activity consisted of five webinars which allowed participants to gain valuable skillsets by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. They are now testing their new capabilities to develop target-specific content to market their innovations and are exploring the value of the Metaverse for their activities in the manufacturing industry.  

The competition is open! 

The teams are currently documenting their journey in the EIT Jumpstarter and push their innovations via social media until the end of November. Colleagues from EIT Manufacturing track the posts and the team with the highest engagement rates will win. 

“In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the Metaverse and social media marketing have emerged as crucial tools in supporting early-stage innovators in the manufacturing industry,” explains Patricia Karrer, Project Manager with EIT Manufacturing. “The Metaverse, a virtual reality space where individuals can interact and engage with digital content, offers immense opportunities for showcasing innovative products and connecting with potential customers on a global scale. Thus, we conceptualised the Community & Traction Challenge to empower start-ups, introducing them to the tools, resources and visibility they need to succeed in the dynamic manufacturing ecosystem.” 

Closing in a Metaverse event 

The winners of the challenge will be announced at the EIT Jumpstarter Grand Finale.

Check out how the startups are leveraging social media to engage with their community & create awareness:


Slow Painting Studio

The participants of the five webinar sessions had the opportunity to:

  • learn about the dos & don’ts of social media marketing  
  • experiment and validate how to use AI tools to create and manage content  
  • start building their start-up identity on several social media channels  
  • make their first steps of digital marketing for their company  
  • engage with their target audience through the power of social media   
  • advertise and document their development as their idea progresses to a market-ready innovation  
  • demonstrate and document their journey at the EIT Jumpstarter 2023   
  • strengthen their brand through the engagement and support of the EIT Manufacturing Network on social media   
  • learn about the value of Metaverse activations for early-stage innovators in the manufacturing industry  
  • showcase their innovation in the RIS Metaverse Sphere (see below) in front of an audience composed of their own network which they built up throughout the challenge and members of the EIT community 

What is the RIS Metaverse Sphere?

The RIS Metaverse Sphere is currently not publicly accesible yet, however a virtual environment on Spatial.io. Currently in MVP stage following the purpose(s) of:  

  • Introducing RIS: A Catalyst for Regional Innovation within the EIT Manufacturing ecosystem  
  • Getting to know the RIS EIT Manufacturing Team  
  • Showcasing our RIS Hubs: Collaborative Hotspots of Innovation  
  • Celebrating RIS Success Stories: The RIS Wall of Fame  
  • The EIT Manufacturing RIS Lounge: A Hub for Engagement and Event 

What is the EIT Jumpstarter?

EIT Jumpstarter is a pre-accelerator run by seven communities of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). The programme includes nine categories: health, food, raw materials, energy, urban mobility, manufacturing, digital, New European Bauhaus (focused on sustainable and inclusive living spaces) and a cohort for Ukrainian innovators. EIT Jumpstarter aims to push early-stage innovators from emerging European regions onto the market and help their scientific ideas and innovations become successful businesses. The programme lasts seven months, during which selected teams work with expert trainers and mentors and deep dive together into business modelling and business planning. Based on the developed business plan, the start-ups are evaluated, and the six best teams in each category are qualified for the Grand Final, where they compete for the prize of 10,000 EUR in each category.