Aquitaine Robotics learning expedition

From 28 to 30 November 2023, the French robotics cluster Aquitaine Robotics has had the opportunity to carry out a Learning Expedition in the Basque Country, organized by EIT Manufacturing West.  As part of its activities, EIT Manufacturing orchestrates transformative learning experiences like this one that catalyze innovation and foster European collaboration. Specifically, this expedition aims to foster relations between the two regions, Nouvelle-Aquitaine and the Basque Country.

The Aquitaine Robotics cluster is an historical and important actor of the regional innovation and industrial ecosystem in the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France). It aims to build a real economic sector and to develop skills in scientific research and training and, for this purpose, it brings together players in the areas of manufacturing and logistic roboticsrobotics in open environments and personal service robotics.

Among the participants in this expedition we found several organizations that are part of the cluster, such as the ALPHA-RLH​ cluster, the XLIM research institute, SMEs such as PRODITEC​, Métalo-Mécanique​ and R&Activ, non-profit organization like Smart4D ​Digital Aquitaine, the Cognitive Engines startup and the technological platform COMPOSITADOUR of ESTIA university.

The primary objectives of this mission

In-depth industry insight: Participants had the opportunity to engage directly with prominent manufacturing companies and RTOs, visit state-of-the-art facilities, and observe cutting-edge processes, enabling them to gain a deep understanding of advanced manufacturing practices and technologies in the Basque innovation and manufacturing ecosystems.

Knowledge exchange: The meetings held during these days have facilitated knowledge sharing between local experts and participants, fostering an environment for cross-cultural learning and idea exchange. This interaction has provided a platform for discussing challenges, opportunities, and best practices in the manufacturing sector.

Networking opportunities: During the visit, they have established connections with key industry stakeholders, including executives, engineers, and innovators. These networking interactions will pave the way for potential collaborations, partnerships, and future business endeavors.

During the three-days expedition, the members of the Cluster have been able to learn firsthand about the activities carried out by Corporates, Research and Technology Organisations (RTO), and Innovation hubs.

Guided tour in Ideko.

They also explored local must-see places, such as the Miramar Palace in San Sebastián, where the offices of EIT Manufacturing West are located. In this unique location, they participated in the welcoming ceremony where they could interact with local agents.

Eric Pernot, Industrial Projects and Innovation Director at Aquitaine Robotics, during his speech in Miramar Palace.

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