Tamara Carleton and William Cockayne on moonshots in manufacturing

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How to foster and implement a moonshot mindset in manufacturing – with Tamara Carleton and William Cockayne

With our guests Tamara Carleton and William Cockayne, lecturers and authors on moonshot innovation, we explore how moonshots can reshape the manufacturing industry.

Starting from the definition of moonshots and the moonshot mindset, essential for achieving transformative advancements, we discussed government’s crucial role as a funding agent for early-stage research, an innovator, and a first customer, in propelling revolutionary ideas. Additionally, we provide insights on assembling a team capable of pursuing ambitious moonshot projects, as well as strategies for implementing this mindset within organizational culture to ensure sustained innovation and growth. Join us for a comprehensive analysis of how radical ideas can reshape the future of manufacturing.

Tamara Carleton, PhD is an international expert in radical innovation. She is the CEO of Innovation Leadership Group, teaches at several top-ranked business schools and technical universities around the world, and is the creator of practical tools that help teams innovate, like the Playbook for Strategic Foresight and Innovation.

William Cockayne, PhD is a techno-optimistic leader with a passion for transforming science fiction into reality. For twenty years, he taught students at Stanford University how teams imagine, invent, and ship the future. He is an expert in converting blue-sky thinking into brass tacks.

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