DTE and EIT Manufacturing forge alliance

Quality checks of liquid metals usually only provide part of the whole picture, as checks are conducted at intervals. Technology developed by the Icelandic company DTE is bound to change that: They allow for continuous monitoring in real-time. Great potential for growth – supported by a collaboration agreement between EIT Manufacturing and DTE.

DTE is a pioneer with the development of a solution for the analysis of the chemical composition of liquid metals. Their solution, called IREAS, enables quality assurance staff to monitor continuously and in real time, while before, checks were performed manually in a regular cadence – which involves a certain risk for the staff and waiting times for test results.

“We enable customers to use the generated data for predictive intelligence. This will influence critical decisions during the metals production process to maximise sustainability, efficiency, safety and value. So we are pioneers in real-time metals intelligence,” explains Diego Areces, CEO of DTE.

Moving towards circularity

The process enables the use of more recycled metals, increasing the industry’s circularity. Producers can not only reduce the cost of raw materials but also minimise their production’s carbon footprint.

“DTE’s solution moves metal production towards greater sustainability, which is a central topic for our activities in EIT Manufacturing, as we foster innovation and growth but also to contribute to a greener, safer and more efficient manufacturing industry, Kaitlin McGovern, Senior Investment Manager at EIT Manufacturing, comments. “DTE combines technology and innovation with a strong team who work to make manufacturing more efficient and sustainable. That’s a great prospect!”


Kaitlin McGovern

Senior Program & Business Stakeholder Manager