Successful participation at the EBAN Annual Congress

EIT Manufacturing participates in EBAN conference

The European Business Angel Network (EBAN) recently concluded its highly anticipated Annual Congress, held from May 24th to 26th, 2023. The event brought together a diverse range of professionals from the innovation ecosystem, including business angels, venture capitalists, policy makers, and dynamic industry experts. The EBAN Annual Congress provided an exceptional platform for networking, knowledge-sharing, and showcasing groundbreaking ideas and technologies that will shape the future.

One of the notable highlights of the event was the panel discussion titled “Public and private initiatives supporting research to become innovation,” powered by the #EBNproject Bionanopolys. Mrs. Vivian Sophou, Business Creation Manager of EIT Manufacturing South East, participated in this panel. Mrs. Sophou seized the opportunity to present how the Innovation, Business Creation, and Education Pillars of EIT Manufacturing contribute to fostering innovation.

The panel featured distinguished guests who shared their insights, knowledge, and valuable experiences. These esteemed individuals included Peter Cowley, a renowned Business Angel; Katerina Pramatari from Uni.Fund; Héctor Torres Pierna from ITENE; Eri Toka from Technology Transfer Office AUTH, and Livia Marcantonio from EBN.

In addition to the engaging panel discussions, the EBAN Annual Congress showcased numerous startups that presented groundbreaking ideas and technologies with the potential to shape the future positively. The event organizers extend their warmest congratulations to the winners of the various competitions held during the congress, recognizing their outstanding contributions to the innovation ecosystem.

Throughout the EBAN Annual Congress, attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a vibrant atmosphere, surrounded by top-tier speakers, international business angels, venture capitalists, policy makers, and dynamic professionals. The event fostered a unique collaborative environment that promoted innovation and sought to make a lasting positive impact in various fields.