Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing

We are proud to announce that Mr. Aristeidis Katsiorchis, Innovation Manager of EIT Manufacturing South East, participated in the “Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing” conference which was held in Athens, Greece on the 22nd of June 2023.

Mr. Katsiorchis analysed the aspects of driving competitiveness and sustainability in European Manufacturing.  He also noted that profitability in the energy-demanding Greek Manufacturing Industry is quite sensitive to the changes in the monthly energy bill.

The need to become more energy efficient emerges now with increased urgency both from the environmental and the financial angle. Mr. Katsiorchis also met with experts from the Energy, Metals, Chemicals and Food industry to discuss the learnings that EIT Manufacturing has created by innovating together with leading EU manufacturing stakeholders.

Some key elements as an outcome were the following:

1.Digital and Sustainability transformations work hand in hand and improve the performance in IT related investments.

2. The need to innovate towards circular business models should be met with investments in upskilling and reskilling

3. There is no need to innovate all by yourself with 100% of the financial risk. The European Commission stimulates collaboration and innovation in the network of Manufacturing, SMEs, Stratups, Universities and RTOs. EIT Manufacturing partners, witness solutions to their factory floor-needs, being covered in 1-2 years

The conference was a recognizable meeting and networking event for executives from the industry, who had the opportunity to strengthen their know-how in a dynamic B2B meeting in the area of energy management and saving, but at the same time to successfully attend and innovative real-life use cases and best practices.