Björn Fagerström, Director CLC North: Recipe for winning in uncertain times

On May 28, Björn Fagerström, our newly appointed Director for CLC North, gave his best advice on how to excel in times of uncertainty and how to manage old and new simultaneously at the Swedish Production Development Day (Produktionstekniska Dagen in Swedish). Björn’s best advice are:

  1. Critical to understand both product system and product structure to meet demanding customer requirements.
  2. Start with pilots and/or products with basic functionality before building platforms.
  3. Aim for Time to Volume TTV and not only Time to Market TTM, due to short market window.
  4. Collaborative work resulting in a shared view is critical for decentralized efficient decision-making in the agile team.
  5. Go all in for agile methods with your team when facing uncertainty, «trying to work just a little bit agile is not the right approach»