BoostUp! North’s objective is to bring together members of the industry and solution providers from the startup or scaleup space. The grand final of BoostUp! North was held at GoWest Nordic Venture Capital Forum in Gothenburg. 

The audience at the BoostUp! North grand final watched six finalist startups present their starups and solutions. Three of them, Litech, DREV and NSS Water Enhancement Technology, were awarded 5,000 € each to facilitate the implementation of their technologies.


Lithium battery use is increasing, causing waste stream issues and fires. Litech aims to identify improperly sorted batteries and their detrimental effects by creating a state-of-the-art sensor. This sensor uses a magnetic field to detect objects passing through it, obtaining a unique signature.

I feel super happy that we were selected among so many other great companies. We were surrounded by an inspiring crowd. I feel really honoured to be one of the three winners.

Synne Sauar, CEO and Co-founder at Litech


DREV’s dry-cleaning technology improves waste management and material recovery in battery manufacturing. It collects microparticle battery materials, improving work environments and repurposing waste. The approach ensures safety, efficiency, and sustainability, setting new standards in battery factory operations.

I think both the availability of the BoostUp! North team and just being able to pick up the phone and ask most of the burning questions and getting expert help straight away is something that DREV really values. Additionally, the network and the know-how are grand. Just this kind of ecosystem that we are getting access to gives us confidence in seeing great potential for opportunities that lie ahead and it’s exactly what we need.

Kent Moore, Business Strategist at DREV

NSS Water Enhancement Technology

NSS Water’s NPW® is high-purity pure water ideal for semiconductor manufacturing and other industries. It is suitable for all applications requiring high-purity water. The Water Enhancement Tool (WET) produces NPW® free of nano contamination above 5-10 nm, ensuring next-generation water for industry use.

Super happy to win the prize from BoostUp! North competition, feels good to get some recognition for NSS Water since we are at a stage where we need to be seen. The team and I at NSS Water look forward to continuing working with EIT manufacturing and looking forward to being able to expand and find opportunities from the EIT Manufacturing network

Björn Holmström, CEO at NSS Water Enhancement Technology

Celebrating open innovation

On stage, Business Creation Director, Kevin Lenehan expressed his delight in the high calibre of startups pitching sustainable solutions present at BoostUp! North. He presented the prevailing urgency of European investments towards technologies that advance the green transition in manufacturing and how central this is to the future prosperity of Europe.

Following the inspiring pitch session, a keynote was held by Jonas Wilhelmsson, Global Director Sustainable Innovation for Ericsson ONE and Head of Innovation & Sustainability at Ericsson on: “Sustainable Innovation – where is the industry heading and how could startups & industry play their roles?”

His speech highlighted the importance of collaboration among innovation communities in Northern Europe and the exchange of information. This is the very thing that Abir Hossain, Business Creation Manager at EIT Manufacturing Northern Region, finds great satisfaction in with his ability to spot great potential in up-and-coming startups relatively early in their technology solutions.

BoostUp! North 2023 was more than just an event; it was a catalyst for innovation and growth across the Nordic, Baltic, and UK startup ecosystems. As we reflect on the impact and success of our journey, we invite startups to join us in shaping the future of manufacturing. Our commitment to open innovation and supporting startups remains unwavering as we continue to foster collaboration and drive positive change in the industry across Europe.

Abir Hossain, Busines Creation Manager for EIT Manufacturing North Region

The rest of the finalists


Intelecy is the first No-code Industrial AI company, aiming to improve industrial processes, reduce waste, and reduce energy consumption. They provide software tools for factory engineers to create machine learning models from production data without coding. Intelecy is used in various industries, reducing energy consumption, improving resource utilization, and preventing emissions and unplanned downtime.


Hydroroyal manufactures membrane electrode assembly (MEA) for GW-scale electrolyzers, improving stack efficiency and hydrogen purity. The unique, eco-friendly materials improve stack efficiency under low KOH concentration and high hydrogen purity conditions.


Rebaba upcycles EV batteries into stationary energy storage, enabling more efficient operations, more sustainably, and at lower cost for industries.

All finalists

At GoWest, the following six startups pitched their solutions on stage:

All six startups will be provided “growth package” service support for two months.

Jury members

The following three jury members were present to deliberate on the winning pitches:

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