Changes in the EIT Manufacturing Supervisory Board: Prof. Heinrich Flegel steps down – Cecilia Warrol new Chair

Thank you to Prof. Heinrich Flegel – resigning as Chair of EIT Manufacturing Supervisory Board

Professor Heinrich Flegel has decided to resign from his position as Chair of EIT Manufacturing Supervisory Board due to personal reasons.

The Supervisory Board, together with the Management Team and the entire EIT Manufacturing community would like to thank Professor Flegel for his contribution and leadership during the KIC’s challenging ramp-up phase, as a logic continuity to a fruitful career in manufacturing as well as promoting the industry on EU level, said Klaus Beetz CEO, EIT Manufacturing.

Previously, Professor Heinrich Flegel was President of DVS Deutscher Verband für Schweißen und Verwandte Verfahren (German Association for Welding and Related Processes) and member of the DaimlerChrysler AG / Daimler AG Supervisory Board (2003-2014).

Cecilia Warrol elected new chair of the EIT Manufacturing Supervisory Board

The EIT Manufacturing Supervisory Board has elected Ms Cecilia Warrol as its new independent Chair. Previously, Cecilia has been the Vice Chair of the Supervisory Board, with a focus on SMEs.

Cecilia works as Programme Director at Teknikföretagen, Sweden, and she holds an Executive MBA and Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Engineering from Lund University.

Congratulations to Cecilia in her new role!