EIT Manufacturing CLC South East Shines at DUTH Innovation Week

Academia and startups eager to know about EIT Manufacturing

EIT Manufacturing CLC South East, a prominent player in fostering innovation and collaboration in the manufacturing industry, participated in the recent DUTH Innovation Week 2023. The hybrid event, held at the Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH) in Greece, among others brought together key stakeholders from various European Innovation and Technology (EIT) communities to showcase their activities and advancements.

Filotas Niarchos, Communication Manager of EIT Manufacturing CLC South East, took the opportunity to engage with attendees and presented the organization’s vital role within the manufacturing sector and the impact it creates. In an insightful talk, he elaborated on the wide array of activities, services, and the background of EIT Manufacturing CLC South East, emphasizing their commitment to driving innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable growth.

The event served as an exceptional platform for collaboration, with representatives from EIT Digital, EIT Raw Materials, and EIT Health also in attendance. These organizations shared their latest advancements, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of knowledge exchange and networking.

The audience at DUTH Innovation Week comprised a mix of students, academia, and early-stage startup companies. This diverse group of participants created an environment that nurtured innovation and stimulated creative thinking. The presence of interested students highlighted the importance of nurturing the next generation of manufacturing leaders, while academia and startup companies benefitted from the invaluable insights shared by industry experts.